A Central Dashboard For All Your Property Information

Get Organized
Be Prepared

Claim Your Property

Control information, manage data, and add other users for your properties from a single dashboard.

Manage Your Assets

Keep an inventory of all your assets and fixtures while also storing documents and pictures of all your items.

Organize Your Documents

Upload private or shared documents to properties, assets, or even to specific rooms.

Built With The Property Owner In Mind

Track Your Assets

Store data, attach documents, add pictures, and keep a history of all your assets and fixtures.

Integrated with Link Inspect Pro

Receive inspection reports and data directly to your account from any vendor performing inspections on your properties.

Share Data

Add other users to help manage your properties or verify tenants to share data and events with.

Become More Productive

Manage Your Projects

Manage projects including tagging assets, vendor contact details, and before and after images.

Create Maintenance Schedules

From weekly lawn mowing to annual pool opening and closing, you can schedule and track all maintenance tasks on a single shared calendar with assigned users.

Always Accessible, Always Secure

Secured by Amazon Web Services, your data is always accessible, encrypted with 256-bit encryption, and backed up daily.

Stay Organized

A central calendar stores important dates including warranty expiration’s, scheduled inspections, maintenance items, and tasks across all your properties.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“We believe this is the future of facilities management, and will streamline a lot of your building inspections, and paperwork into one source all conveniently accessible via an app (tablet) or web browser (PC).”